About the brand

GO ON Nutrition is the highest quality dietary supplements with excellent digestibility, high effectiveness and excellent taste. Now, with GO ON Nutrition, dietary supplementation for athletes and amateurs is simple, safe and conscious. Buying GO ON supplements! Nutrition, you can be sure that they were made of the highest quality raw materials, coming only from reliable suppliers, while complying with strict quality standards and certification. A well-thought-out composition developed by experts ideally suits the needs of physically active people, facilitates building the shape and shaping the figure. The content of nutrients declared on the label in 100% corresponds to the actual composition of the products. GO ON Supplements! Nutrition is tasty and you can add it to your favorite meals. Thanks to GO ON You can consciously combine Nutrition with a healthy and properly balanced diet with professional supplementation.
GO ON Nutrition is a brand for those who are looking for proven supplementation on a global level.


The body of a person practicing sports has an increased demand for energy and nutrients. High quality protein and carbohydrates in the right proportions, as well as a wealth of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are the basis of an athlete’s diet. A healthy diet helps to develop muscle, coordination and endurance. Allows you to intensify fat burning and get your dream figure. Allows for systematic improvement of results and development of sports opportunities. It prevents fatigue, fatigue and overtraining. It adds energy and increases motivation for training. GO ON Supplements! Nutrition is an important element of a properly balanced diet of every athlete. They support muscle building, shaping the figure, and improving the form. They allow to quickly and effectively supplement the demand for nutrients necessary for the athlete: WPC protein, BCAA amino acids, pre-workout supplements and others. They are great in taste and you can add them to your favorite meals.


GO ON Supplements! We create Nutrition only from the best and proven raw materials. We select suppliers and select only those who can guarantee raw materials of the highest quality confirmed. Each ingredient used in the production of our supplements meets the required legal standards and is officially released for consumption. The composition of GO ON supplements! Nutrition is safe and transparent, developed by experts. On the labels of our supplements there are no general names of mixtures – all ingredients are named because we have nothing to hide! Thanks to GO ON Nutrition can consciously combine a healthy diet with professional supplementation, because our supplements are characterized by excellent bioavailability, high efficiency and excellent taste.


GO ON Nutrition is the perfect supplement for people who want to be FIT! Optimal training is one that is adapted to your health, physical abilities and age. It takes into account short and long-term goals. It helps to improve fitness, endurance and endurance. It helps to sculpt muscles and achieve an athletic figure. It allows you to feel better and better in your body. It adds attractiveness and self-confidence. It increases vital energy and allows you to live a full life. Healthy training is an exercise without unnecessary pushing, reducing the risk of overtraining and injury. Accustoms the body to more and more effort and improves health. Adequate selection of discipline, distribution of training loads, frequency of classes will ensure better results and better frame of mind, all with the support of GO ON supplements! Nutrition!


GO ON Nutrition is a Sante brand which for 25 years has been an expert in the field of healthy nutrition and the propagator of a healthy lifestyle. Sante is a producer of top quality food, including functional foods that have beneficial effects on many body functions. Sante offers over 250 products, which reach not only ordinary consumers, but also athletes in Poland and around the world. The high quality of Sante products is confirmed by the awards, distinctions and certificates granted to Sante each year by independent experts and consumers. GO ON Supplements! We created Nutrition based on our many years of experience and knowledge about functional food and the impact of diet on health. The combination of experts’ knowledge: dietitians, sportsmen, scientists and technologists has resulted in the creation of a line of Premium class supplements that support sporting success.


GO ON Supplements! Nutrition is created only from selected raw materials that have certificates and come from reliable suppliers that meet the highest quality standards. All raw materials are controlled in the buffer zone of the plant, and only those with confirmed quality are allowed for production. We manufacture all supplements in our factory, we do not outsource production. Thanks to this, we have full control over quality at every stage of work. During production, we maintain global safety standards in accordance with strict quality and certification standards. Every production step is controlled: from the raw material, through the creation of the product, to the packaging. The Quality Department regularly samples for control tests. Raw materials and finished products are also checked by us for taste. Supplementation with GO ON Nutrition is effective, fast and tasty.