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Protein Products

Protein is a crucial element in a sportsperson’s diet. It helps build muscles and recover from exertion. Protein requirements are higher among those who exercise than among those who do not. So protein products are not just an alternative for a sportsperson’s healthy and balanced diet – instead they are the perfect complement to this diet. When choosing the right protein product, it’s essential to pay attention to the kind of protein used, how it has been processed, and how much is in one portion. This has a huge impact on the quality of the product, and subsequently on the bioavailability of the protein. High-quality PRO-WHEY GO ON Nutrition protein products taste like a milkshake, and contain WPC (whey protein concentrate) and WPI INSTANT (whey protein isolate). Sportspeople particularly appreciate whey proteins, as they are easy to digest, and the aminograms which they contain are higher in terms of biological value than even egg whites, the benchmark for protein quality. GO ON Nutrition protein products are synonymous with excellent ingredients, high bioavailability, and outstanding flavour, such as raspberry and yoghurt, chocolate, vanilla, pistachio ice-cream, and plain. We can help you fulfil your sporting dreams!