Ambassadors are professionally awarded competitors who as a group create the strongest team in Poland, representing the Go On NUTRITION brand.

They are members of the national to PZKFITS team, champions in their areas and categories in sports centred on the physique (bodybuilding and fitness) and have been committed and passionate about this in many cases for half of their lives. In professional and competitive terms, they often represent a level far above the national level in Poland, taking part in and winning international competitions.  

Our ambassadors are educated people who have completed numerous specialised courses and training sessions, with vast experience as coaches and dieticians.  

Their substantial knowledge helps them create the best supplements in the world, appropriate for the amateur as well as for sportspeople competing at the highest levels. 

Our team represents Go On Nutrition not only for the prestige it brings, but also because they are sure that the supplements the brand offers are the best fuel that they could possibly give their bodies. 

Go ON Nutrition offers outstanding products which are safe, manufactured in Poland, and first and foremost made with passion, a passion which we share with our customers.  


Przemysław Owczarek

bodybuilder, SUPERHEAVYWEIGHT class above 100kg


I’ve been involved in sport for my entire life, starting with martial arts and strength sport competitions, and winding up with my beloved bodybuilding. I graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, and have completed a wide range of courses, training sessions, and also postgraduate studies in Supplementation and Nutrition in Sport. I’ve been a bodybuilding and fitness coach for years and I am IFBB certified. Currently, I work at SANTE, where I’m in charge of dietary supplement development; this work for me is the fulfilment (and also in part a continuation) of my passion for sports nutrition, a subject I’ve been interested in since I was 17. I’m also involved in education, I lecture at the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice on “permissible and non-permissible methods of supplementation in sport.” In my free time, I prepare competitors (both male and female) for their debut or for competition entries, as well as helping ordinary people carve out a spectacular physique – if they can take it 🙂 I like the challenge of helping people who have real problems with developing their physique or who have not until now found the right coach with the perfect vision. Apart from that, I’m interested in medicine, pharmacology, biochemistry, and technology.  


2005 – Polish National Championships in Silesia in Benchpress – 1st place with a result of 180kg
2006 - Polish National Academic Championships in Silesia in Benchpress – 1st place with a result of 210kg
2012 - Polish National Bodybuilding debut up to 90 kg – 1st place
         - Polish National Bodybuilding debut OPEN – 1st place
2012 Polish National Championships in Silesia in Bodybuilding do up to 90 kg – 1st place
2013 Polish Bodybuilding Championships up to 100kg – 1st place
2013 European Championships in Moldova up to 90kg – 4th place
2014 Polish Bodybuilding Championships 100kg and over – 1st place
2014 European vice-champion in Bodybuilding in Spain up to 100kg – 2nd place
2014 Competitor in the World Championships in Brazil up to 100kg

Michał Roch

Classic bodybuilder, above 180 cm and Muscle Model

I’m a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice with a degree in Physical Education with specialisation in fitness and strength training. I’m also a personal trainer and nutrition, sports dietetics, and supplementation consultant with many years of experience.

I own and operate a dietary supplement shop.  

Since 2013, I’ve been taking an active part in physique competitions. At the age of 16, I had a serious problem with my weight , which was more than 110 kg! Nowadays, I’m passionate about an active and healthy lifestyle, and I find motivation who show with their own attitudes that nothing is impossible. The thing I appreciate most about people is sincerity, hard work, and constant development of their passions. 


- European vice-champion in Bodybuilding and Fitness at 2018 World Physique Federation
- Polish vice-champion at 2018 Physical Culture Association
- Finalist at the Bodypower SuperSeries Pro Show 2018
- 1st place at the 11th annual Bodybuilding and Fitness Sopot competition 2018
- 1st place at the Polish University Championships in the “Male physique” category 
- Finalist at the FITNESS MOTIVATORS event for the best motivator of 2015 in the GOLD FITNESS category

- Instructor’s certificate with specialisation in fitness and strength training
- Certificate with Ministry of Education approval of completion of a course for personal trainers
- Certificate with Ministry of Education approval of completion of a course in sports dietetics
- Certificate of completion of a training course  in TRX® suspension training
- Certificate of completion of TFS PUMP training course


Szymon Kuliński

Classic bodybuilder, up to 180cm

My name is Szymon KuliĹ„ski, and I’m from Gniezno. I’ve been interested in sports since my childhood. I started with basketball, martial arts, and now bodybuilding. The preparations for my debut in bodybuilding competitions in 2017 took me 5 years. I compete in the classic bodybuilding category up to 180cm.


- Bodybuilding debut in Wrocław 2017 1st PLACE+ OPEN
- Silesian Championships Mysłowice 2017 4th PLACE
- Polish Championships Kielce 2017 2nd PLACE
- Silesian Championships Mysłowice 2018 2nd PLACE
- Polish Championships Kielce 2018 1st PLACE
- Diamond Cup Nadarzyn 2018 1st PLACE + OPEN 

By winning in the OPEN category at Nadarzyn, I gained an entry card entitling me to compete in IFBB ELITE PRO events.